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🌊Bitcoin surged 68% within the month, which company rode the wave in this vast ocean of digital currency to become the real winner?🚀🎉

Which company rides the wind and waves to become the true winner?
Which company will ride the wind and waves to become the true winner?

The price of Bitcoin surged past $61,600 in February 2024, reaching a two-year high, driven by US Bitcoin ETF investments, with a growth exceeding 68% for the month. MicroStrategy Inc. (MSTR.US) was undoubtedly the big winner during the Bitcoin surge, attracting widespread market attention due to its close linkage with Bitcoin price fluctuations. In February 2024, there were significant changes in the stock price of MicroStrategy Inc. (MSTR). On February 28, the stock price was $962.95, with a trading volume of 4,788,700 shares. Compared to the beginning of the month, the stock price had significantly increased by about 51%. Since its establishment in 1989, MicroStrategy, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, has gradually integrated cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, into its core financial strategy.

Bitcoin price trend
Bitcoin price trend

MicroStrategy Inc. February Trend
MicroStrategy Inc. February Trend

From traditional businesses to innovative transformation in cryptocurrency

Under the leadership of Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy increased its investment in Bitcoin in 2023, demonstrating a firm belief in utilizing digital assets as a hedge against inflation and as a cash holding option. In February, MicroStrategy and Saylor jointly invested $1.554 billion, purchasing about 3,000 Bitcoins. This was part of a series of acquisitions since 2020. The latest data shows that MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings have reached about 193,000 coins, with a total value exceeding $10.5 billion, making it one of the largest corporate holders of Bitcoin in the world.

Investing in Bitcoin: A Strategy of Coexisting Risks and Opportunities

MicroStrategy's Bitcoin investment strategy not only demonstrates a firm belief in the long-term value of digital currencies but has also successfully increased its stock price by over 460% in the past five years. This significant appreciation is mostly derived from investments in Bitcoin. In the fourth quarter of 2023, MicroStrategy once again showcased its steadfast commitment to Bitcoin by purchasing 31,755 Bitcoins at a cost of 1.25 billion dollars, further increasing its total holdings.

The Impact of Bitcoin Price Volatility on MicroStrategy

When the price of Bitcoin climbed above $56,000 in the market, MicroStrategy garnered significant attention from the industry. This price increase occurred before the Bitcoin halving event in April, which is expected to bring about a nearly 30% individual rise in Bitcoin's value by 2024. Owning a substantial amount of Bitcoin, MicroStrategy could become one of the biggest beneficiaries. Its stock has a high correlation of 0.94 with Bitcoin, presenting an attractive option for institutional investors who are hesitant to directly invest in cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion: The Balance Between Innovation and Persistence

MicroStrategy has demonstrated its resolute determination through its innovative approach to adopting digital assets for corporate financial objectives, even in the face of the closely tied fluctuations of Bitcoin prices.

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