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Physical ChatGPT: OpenAI Figure 01

Physical ChatGPT is coming
Physical ChatGPT is coming

In 2023, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, an AI model that revolutionized the way we communicate. This conversational AI is capable of interacting with humans like a human. It passed various academic tests including business and legal exams in the US, and even passed the medical licensing exam. A year later, its ability to respond is beyond doubt. However, have you ever wondered what it would be like if ChatGPT could transcend the computer screen and have a physical form?

A physical version of ChatGPT called Figure01 indeed exists, surpassing the capabilities of previous humanoid robots. Figure01 is the result of a collaboration between Figure, a robotics innovation company, and OpenAI. Like us, Figure01 can engage in conversation, plan and execute actions, and use the multimodal models trained by OpenAI to understand its surroundings. Due to its human-like bodily structure, Figure01 can use various tools and devices, such as opening doors, climbing stairs, and operating machinery.

In videos, we can see Figure01 combining artificial intelligence with mechanical technology in a groundbreaking manner. Besides its physical flexibility, it is capable of explaining the rationale behind its actions while performing another task simultaneously. This level of multitasking is unattainable for robots that rely solely on programmed actions. Moreover, by accessing recorded conversations, Figure01 can recall information, understand concepts, and has the ability to reflect on and correct its mistakes.

There are two noteworthy humanoid robots on the market. The first is Atlas, developed by Boston Dynamics. The second robot, created by Tesla and dubbed Optimus Gen 3, is more comparable to Figure01. According to Elon Musk, the production line of AI robots will be a focus for Tesla in the future, potentially generating more profit than their current development of fully autonomous driving software.

Imagine having a robot that can not only cook and clean but also protect you from unwanted harassment and even provide you with leisure time on Sundays. Sounds great, right?

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