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💡🚀 Cathie Wood discusses the future economic growth drivers, highlighting two technologies that cannot be ignored🔍

Cathie Wood
Cathie Wood

In the current wave of technological innovation, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are undoubtedly the vanguards of change. Cathie Wood, the founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of ARK Invest recently shared her profound insights into the future development of these two technologies in an interview on the Thinking Crypto channel.

Sister Wood pointed out that artificial intelligence and blockchain are the two most important innovative platforms at present, playing a crucial role in ARK Invest's research and investment strategy. The combination of these two technologies not only promotes their respective development but also brings unprecedented growth momentum to the entire technology industry.

Interaction and Integration: The Accelerators of Innovation

The interaction between artificial intelligence and blockchain is like two powerful currents meeting and causing waves. This interaction not only accelerates the growth of both but also paves new paths for technological innovation. Cathie Wood believes that this combination will promote rapid economic growth and bring new heights to the global GDP growth rate. As technological innovation and economic growth accelerate, we are in a period of super-exponential growth. The integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain indicates that the global economy will welcome growth rates of 6%, 7%, or even 8%, demonstrating the tremendous potential of these two technologies to drive economic prosperity and rapid development.

ARK Invest and Bitcoin: A Leading Investment Pioneer

Cathie Wood further elaborated on ARK Invest's deep research and investment experience in the Bitcoin domain. Since 2014, ARK has been immersed in the study of Bitcoin and ventured into Bitcoin investments in 2015, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and understanding. This has garnered greater trust and favor from investors towards their ETFs. These efforts have made the ARK Bitcoin ETF one of the most liquid ETFs on the market, ranking in the top three in terms of trading volume. Additionally, ARK also encourages financial advisory teams of these partner firms to educate and train on Bitcoin, supporting and promoting the Bitcoin ETF. These efforts help to enhance the reputation and acceptance of the Bitcoin ETF, and propel its development in the financial markets.

The ARK Bitcoin ETF has good liquidity, becoming one of the three most liquid ETFs, ranking just behind BlackRock and Fidelity. Good liquidity means that investors can buy and sell the ETF more conveniently, making the ARK Bitcoin ETF popular among investors and ranking it in the top three in terms of trading volume. In addition, ARK collaborates with other institutions to actively promote the development of the Bitcoin ETF, has a deep understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and continuously provides professional research reports and opinions to support the development of the Bitcoin ETF. These factors combined make the ARK Bitcoin ETF rank in the top three in terms of trading volume and widely welcomed.

In the discussion, Cathie Wood also mentioned the relationship between Bitcoin and gold. She believes that as Bitcoin is widely adopted and matures, it might become more stable. Cathie Wood also thinks that the Ethereum Spot ETF is an important development that will promote global cryptocurrency adoption, making it easier for people to invest. Despite regulatory challenges, she is optimistic about the future.


Bitcoin & Crypto Are Part of the Next Industrial Revolution with Cathie Wood - ARK Bitcoin ETF

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