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🚀💞Exploring new boundaries of love, intimate relationships, and identity in the era of AI

Do you also want an AI emotional companion?
Do you also want an AI emotional companion?

In this ever-changing technological era, artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from the science labs into our daily lives, its range of applications becoming increasingly broad, from household assistants to emotional companions, the influence of AI is everywhere. Under such circumstances, artist Alicia Framis initiated an unprecedented art project—marrying a holographic image generated by AI. Through this innovative act, she explores the new boundaries of love, intimate relationships, and identity in the age of AI.

Ms. Framis raises a thought-provoking question through her art project: How will the boundaries of love, intimate relationships, and identity change in the age of AI? She states on her website that despite significant technological progress, AI still falls short in terms of poetry, art, and warmth. Therefore, through this unique marriage art project, she aims to explore the new facets of love and intimate relationships, as well as the new meanings of identity in the era of AI.

Framis believes that the relationship between artificial intelligence and human companions is not only possible, but in some cases, even beneficial. She mentioned the case of widows, pointing out that for some people, finding a partner to replace a deceased loved one is very difficult. In such cases, an artificial intelligence companion becomes a viable and compassionate option. With the development of technology, the form of love is changing, and the combination of humans with holographic images, virtual characters, robots, and the like has become a trend. This is not just about filling an emotional void, but also a way to seek companionship and care.

This artist plans to hold a ceremony in the Boijmans Van Beuningen warehouse museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to marry an AI hologram, showcasing the unique union between humans and virtual avatars. The wedding will offer molecular gastronomy, which can be enjoyed not only by humans but even by humanoid entities, further highlighting the possibilities of interaction between humans and AI.

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