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Yuga Labs HV-MTL Game Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

HV holders, you can now go to to revisit the HV in your wallet.

And on 29/06/2023, the HV-MTL Forge Season 1 game officially started.

Currently, Yuga Labs only provides a video about the relevant content of the game, and there is no detailed game explanation, but the gameplay can be roughly inferred based on the content of the short video.

The theme of this game is "Build. Show off. Struggle. Develop.". First of all, players need to build their own home (Forge). The Forge they build has its own characteristics, and it takes time to build each brick, and the length of time depends on whether the player has used tools to multiply. The tools that can be used for multiplication are believed to be purchased with Apecoin or obtained in the game. But the Forge you build has a chance to be destroyed. You can take out the completed Forge to show off, and vote among your peers. The more votes you get, the higher your ranking in the leaderboard will be. And I believe that the ranking on the leaderboard will be the key to the next airdrop, which is the consistent style of Yuga Labs. The content of the airdrop is believed to be a tool for HV to upgrade from EVO-1 to EVO-2.

Finally, the content of the game is of course an indispensable combat element. I believe that when you defeat the enemy, you can get the tools to build your own Forge multiplier.

Background information: Yuga Labs' mech evolution program

Every Forge you build is different

Every Forge you build is different

Building your own Forge takes time

Tools for multiplication

Forge can be destroyed

Forge can show off and vote among peers

Indispensable combat elements


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