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Yuga Labs HV-MTL Forge Web3 game trial and personal feedback

Yuga Labs’ latest game HV-MTL officially started on June 29th, will it bring a little impact to the NFT market, except that the price of NFT has been going down?

Firstly, enter the HV-MTL website and connect to the crypto wallet. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or a mobile phone to play the game. I use Microsoft Edge to have small buds, but it will not affect the game process.

Before the game starts, the dog Gary will teach you the basic operations, and then your HV will appear in the Crafting Station. Press the red button of the Crafting Station to generate objects or blueprints, except for Forge. , the more types of objects produced will be. Production costs are free.

When building and upgrading blueprints, you need the energy in the upper left corner. The energy is provided by the blueprint. The higher the level of the blueprint, the more time and energy it will take to upgrade (of course, you can also use ApeCoin to reduce the production time) , but every time the blueprint is completed, more energy can be provided to HV. If the produced item is not suitable, another item can be produced according to the Crafting Station until it is suitable. Different types of HV will have different items or blueprints, and the editor uses Dynamic, for details, please click here.

You can exchange energy for items

Blueprint production requires energy

Blueprint production not only requires energy, but also time

The amount of energy stored in the game depends on the level of the Portal. There are two types of energy storage, Portal Storage and Forge Storage. Portal Storage is the energy in the upper left corner Values (such as 45,323 in the picture) are used to provide energy to make objects or blueprints. Forge Storage is used to replenish energy when HV needs to sleep.

Once the Portal has charged the HV it needs to be serviced, just keep pressing the Portal.


HV will also have a bad mood and go to the toilet. When HV discharges black excrement, you need to clean up the dirt on the ground, otherwise the mood of HV will continue to decline.

When HV is in a bad mood, it will act like a child, asking you to comfort it. The more times you comfort it, the MOOD in the upper left corner will increase, up to 5 grids. Compared with replenishing energy in the blueprint, the energy boost you get when appeasing will be more, so don't miss it to make you touch your head!

Of course, Yuga Labs also hopes that when you spend Apecoin, you can use Apecoin to convert into GEARS points in the game to buy Preimiun Blueprints and PowerUPs for game multiplication to speed up your game schedule. Since the editor is very poor, and I think that buying HV is already a huge way to pay, I believe that there is no game that requires more than $1,000 to be eligible to play! Fortunately, PowerUPs are free.


Personal Feedback

HV-MLT Forge is mainly a robot breeding game. The game method is roughly similar to that of ordinary breeding games. It requires players to spend time and patience. The only difference is that HV-MLT Forge has Web 3.0 After the game is over, your HV will not disappear, and the evolved HV will be recorded on the blockchain for future use in the Otherside metaverse or future games.

I hope my HV can have this evolution

In the game, there is a voting and leaderboard mechanism, which is divided into "daily" and "seasonal". If your Forge is well designed, people will vote more. Putting a Twitter link or HV ID on Discord becomes how hard you spend on leaving messages, and you can get the most votes, which loses the original purpose of the game. If the time is too long, I believe that the enthusiasm of players to leave messages will disappear, or other methods, such as airdrops, will be needed.

To sum up, HV-MLT Forge is the beginning of a Web 3.0 game. In addition, I always like Yuga Labs' positive attitude towards Web 3.0. I hope I can keep playing and witness the growth of Yuga Labs.

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