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What exactly are factors in NVIDIA that could support the company's stock price?

NVIDIA Corporation closed down 1.74% on Wednesday (21st) to US$430.45 per share, but it is still nearly three times the stock price at the beginning of this year. rare. What kind of company is NVIDIA? What factors can support the company's stock price?

NVIDIA Corporation is an American multinational technology company known for its computer hardware, software, and semiconductor products. They specialize in GPU and SoC solutions for a variety of applications including artificial intelligence, gaming, and edge computing.

NVIDIA was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Since their inception, they have made many major innovations in computer graphics processing and accelerated computing. NVIDIA's graphics processing unit (GPU) technology plays an important role in fields such as gaming, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The company's GPU lineup includes GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla, which are widely used in gaming, design, engineering, scientific computing, and data centers. NVIDIA's GPUs provide powerful graphics and computing capabilities for a variety of applications through parallel computing power and high-performance computing. In addition to GPU products, NVIDIA has developed various software tools and development platforms, including CUDA, TensorRT and NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, to accelerate the development and deployment of deep learning and artificial intelligence applications.

NVIDIA's role and status in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the important reasons for its stock price rise. With the rise of AI, NVIDIA's graphics processing unit (GPU) has become a key tool for training AI models. NVIDIA holds about 80% of the GPU market, making it a major player in AI computing [1]. In addition, NVIDIA's GPUs are favored by startups and tech giants alike due to their superior in-memory processing capabilities when training large-scale AI models compared to other competitors.

Secondly, NVIDIA's successful transformation and focus on the data center market also contributed to the rise in its stock price. As the company shifts its focus from the gaming market to the data center market, the data center chip business has become an important part of its revenue, accounting for more than 50% of the share. The demand for data centers continues to grow, especially in AI computing and big data processing, and NVIDIA has achieved great success with its leading technology and product advantages.

In addition, the rise of NVIDIA's stock price is also closely related to the upsurge of AI technology and the popularity of the market. The wide application and rapid development of AI technology has brought about the demand for high-performance computing, and it is in this field that NVIDIA occupies a dominant position. The application of AI technology in self-driving cars, voice assistants, drug research and other fields has continuously promoted the rise of NVIDIA's stock price.

NVIDIA has also made significant contributions in the field of artificial intelligence. Their GPU architecture and computing platform provide powerful computing capabilities for training and inference tasks, promoting the development and application of artificial intelligence technology.

Additionally, NVIDIA's impressive earnings and sales results in its latest quarterly report also helped boost its stock price. The company's profits and sales exceeded analysts' expectations, and its outlook for the future also showed strong growth momentum. These positive financial data have enhanced investors' confidence in NVIDIA's future development.

NVIDIA continues to introduce innovative products and technologies over time. Their growth history has involved many milestones, such as introducing new GPU architectures, opening research centers, and making major acquisitions. To sum up, the reasons for NVIDIA's rising stock price include its key position in the field of AI, its successful transformation into the data center market, the boom in AI technology and the growth of market demand, and its impressive financial performance and outlook. These factors make investors full of confidence in NVIDIA's prospects, and promote the continuous rise of its stock price.

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