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VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN: A cultural feast spanning reality and virtuality, experiencing the combination

VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN™ is a metaverse event hosted by Toppan, the world's leading print, communication, security and digital transformation solutions provider. The event, which will run from July 21 to September 18, 2023, will showcase Japanese culture through virtual reality content, festivals, and music performances.

Event highlights include a metaverse space set in the fantasy castle town with content from HYPER JAPAN Festival 2023 in London, and the Hikone Castle area. Users can freely explore these metaverse spaces, participate in festivals, games, and appreciate historical sites. Additionally, there will be a virtual live performance by the band FLOW, as well as national treasures and anime-related cultural content on display at the Toppan booth.

The event allows global users to participate and provides a platform for companies to share information globally. By collaborating with HYPER JAPAN Festival 2023, it aims to promote Japanese culture and connect companies with international users. Toppan's digital transformation business Erhoeht-X™ uses 3D measurement and VR technology to expand digital content business, highlighting the charm of Japan.

​About HYPER JAPAN Festival 2023

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2023, the UK's largest Japanese cultural event, will be held at the Olympia Center in London from 21-23 July 2023. This grand event is not only a display of Japanese pop culture, but also includes various elements such as Japanese food, fashion, art, music, cosplay, traditional culture and games, providing a platform for people to experience Japanese culture in depth.

The price of a three-day pass is £52.25 (plus 20% VAT), a Friday pass is £16.62 (plus 20% VAT), a Saturday pass is £23.75 (plus 20% VAT), and a Sunday pass is £19.00 (plus 20% VAT ). In addition, the organizer of this event is CROSS MEDIA, covering industries including textile and clothing, music, toys and games, food and beverage, handicrafts, media and audio-visual, etc. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of performances, including performances by performers such as FEMM, Miura Ayme and Mika Kobayashi. In addition, there will be a brand new segment of the event "Sake Experience", where participants will have the opportunity to taste 21 different kinds of Japanese sake.

For users who want to watch VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN™v and FLOW virtual live concert, the official ticket sales service is provided. Ticket price includes entry to paid area, participation badge, ninja costume, and invitation serial number. Event attendees must wear ninja or armor costumes to view performances within the concert area.

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