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🚨🐒 Urgent news! BAYC worth millions was stolen by hackers! Website smart contract was exploited 🕵️‍♂️🔍


NFT Trader’s smart contract was exploited and millions worth of BAYC were stolen. So far, 37 BAYC and 18 MAYC have been directed to this address:


The hacker calls herself a "treasure hunter" and a "good guy". She said that she came to NFT Trader to pick up residual garbage as usual. At first, she took advantage of a loophole in the NTF Trader website, thinking she could only get TOKEN, but later discovered that she could also get NFT. I don’t know much about NFTs, but I checked the prices and found that you can make a lot of profits by exploiting loopholes. She extorted 10% of the ETH price. For example, if you have a BAYC with 30 ETH, you need to pay her 3 ETH. If it is MAYC of 6 ETH, you need to pay 0.6 ETH before it will be returned to the NFT holder.

Hacker's content
Hacker's content

This appears to have affected people who have traded on NFT Trader and still have access. The attack mainly affected BAYC, MAYC, WoW and older high-value assets. The thefts haven't stopped yet, with two more variants stolen recently. If you have used NFT Trader before, it is strongly recommended that you revoke access rights to its contract as soon as possible and use the revoke function to revoke third-party smart contracts.

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