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🔍Understanding texts and tables, not just writing article summaries? An artifact for student?! 🤯

ChatDOC AI Webpage
ChatDOC AI Webpage

As a scholar or a professional knight, you must read the manuscripts or academic chapters that have passed through mountains and seas. When the vast sea of words floods in front of you, don't you ever wish for a wise man to explain the essence of each article for you, and then integrate the length of the group of articles to outline the outline for you? At this moment, allow me to present you with an extraordinary artificial knowledge partner.

ChatDOC is an artificial intelligence assistant based on ChatGPT, designed to efficiently extract, locate and summarize information from various documents and PDFs, promote faster learning, improve Read and analyze efficiently. It understands text and tables, enhances data analysis, and provides direct references to source documents for accuracy. Users can interact, ask questions and get fully supported answers. It also allows document upload and query, generates concise PDF summaries, and supports organized data collection. Additionally, it facilitates querying, storage, and offers free and pro plans, where the pro plan offers more benefits such as increased document upload limits and daily questions.

The free version has limited usage, while the Pro plan, priced at $5.99 per month, offers higher limits such as 30 uploads, 500 pages, and 300 questions per day. In addition, ChatDOC uses secure encrypted cloud storage, supports various file formats, OCR and beta features, and offers special pricing benefits during a limited subscription period.

While ChatDOC is a powerful tool, it has token limitations and cannot replace human thinking. Suggests asking objective and specific questions, focusing on one issue at a time, using clues for context, staying on topic, and providing specific criteria.

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