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🎮 Try out the newbie experience! Trial of Sword Art Online MR mode (Meta Quest 3 with Tutorial)

The editor bought a Meta Quest 3, which is my first VR helmet. As a newbie, I wanted to try a different genre of games, including Sword Art Online. Some people are worried that using VR headsets will cause dizziness, so it is better to understand the real situation before buying.

Compared with the previous generation, Meta Quest 3 is thinner and lighter, and the helmet and handles have become thinner. Quest 3 features a color transparency mode that provides a more immersive and rich entertainment experience. Although wearing a helmet may be a bit troublesome, there is no problem if you wear it correctly, and I have gradually gotten used to it.

And Quest 3 adds TruTouch function, which can be controlled without a handle. Sometimes some buttons don't trigger correctly and sometimes they don't respond, which really needs improvement. TruTouch functionality is a must, a feature Apple has had as a competitor since the Microsoft HoloLens.

When I tried playing Sword Art Online, did I feel the same as in real life? Let’s take a look at the demo anchor’s demonstration! I tried playing Kirito against monsters. It’s my first time trying out the game and I’m not familiar with space scanning. The monster was on the stool behind me, which was really awkward to play outdoors. When playing the game indoors, another monster comes out. It feels very good. When the swords collide with each other, the vibration and collision sound of the hand switch are what ordinary game machines can bring to you.

Next comes the free shooting game. Spatial scanning uses the Quest 3's sensor and can scan the indoor environment in about ten seconds. If the room is too small, you can go outside and play. A more realistic experience is to wear VR glasses. The game has started and this shooting game is very fun. A perfect combination of mixed reality and shooting games, it is suitable for both adults and children. No dizziness issues.

Z Race is a speed game, but I started to feel dizzy. The VR dizziness problem is caused by the incoordination of visual and physical reactions. The image refresh rate is also important and will affect the smoothness of the animation. I believe that VR, MR and AR will be widely used in games, daily life and the metaverse in 2024. You may consider saving money to buy Vision Pro, why not leave a message to share your views on this technology.

How to download Sword Art Online MR game:

  1. First go to a website called SideQuest ( ) Log in. If you don’t have an account, you can use Gmail to register. You don’t have to enter too much information, and the cost is free.

SideQuest's website
SideQuest's website

2. After logging in, click "GET SIDEQUEST


3. Select "Advanced Installer" on the right and select the download file according to your computer system.

4. After downloading, the SideQuest logo will appear.

5. Open the software and log in. After connecting your Quest 3 to the computer, "Not Detected" will appear. Don’t worry 😊, this is normal because you need to set up your Meta account as a developer and agree to use third-party software, which is SideQuest.

6. Click "Open Setup Instruction" and follow the instructions in the video. It will take about 2-3 minutes.

7. After completion, connect your Quest 3 to the computer again, and you will see that "Not Detected" in the upper left corner will change to "Qculus Quest 3" and the battery level will be displayed.

8. Log in again and search for "Subspace Hunter".

9. Press the red "SIDELOAD" button. After the download is completed, you can play it with Quest 3! 😺

10. Just follow the video below to get started. 😊

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