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Taiwan Charity Event - "Pets Are Family"

Recently, one of the most attractive ones in Taiwan is "Wandering" jointly planned by CoinW official and "CoinW Taiwan", together with Pepe Chinese community, Pudgy Penguins, Dogewow, Floki and many other well-known animal-themed NFT and MEME projects. Animal Charity Week". The theme of the event is "PETS ARE FAMILY" (pets are family), CoinW Taiwan team, representatives of Taiwan blockchain institutions, authoritative blockchain media, important project participants and influential KOLs Take the role of "Web3 Love Ambassador". They went to the Taoyuan Animal Conservation Education Park together and donated $1,000 worth of necessary animal feed and supplies to the stray cats and dogs in the park. These Web3 love ambassadors call for compassion for stray animals, advocating adoption rather than buying pets. For this reason, CoinW Taiwan also sent invitations to several industry representatives, hoping that they will participate in this donation activity, and use their popularity and influence to encourage more kind-hearted people to join this caring action and extend their love to stray animals body.

CoinW Taiwan" is a branch or branch of CoinW, a world-class cryptocurrency exchange. In June 2023, CoinWin Taiwan will be particularly active in the field of social welfare, speaking out for charity in Taiwan.

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