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Square Enix's first NFT game, 🎮Explore the game's character settings, gameplay and NFT reveal! 🌍

The SYMBIOGENESIS game genre is "storytelling NFT entertainment". Players unravel the mysteries of this game world while unraveling the main story and character stories. Square Enix, the famous Japanese game company behind popular franchises such as Final Fantasy, is increasingly focusing on Web3 and blockchain games. Square Enix has shown a strong commitment to expanding in this space despite challenges such as criticism and declining sales. As part of its roadmap, Square Enix is developing several original IP-based blockchain games and is actively seeking global investment in promising blockchain startups.

The story tells that in the future... human beings will survive on the "Floating Continent", which is the only safe haven on Earth, away from pollution. People are rebuilding the civilization of the past and enjoying a peaceful life. Suddenly, the dragon's attack broke their tranquility, threatening the existence of the floating continent. Humans must face off against the dragon's attack and decide their own fate. In order to solve the "mystery" of the birth of this world, human beings released "all memories". Mankind is faced with a choice to lead the world to its ideal future.

The following is the main gameplay flow of this SYMBIOGENESIS:

  1. Collect daily rewards

  2. Advance the main story and quests while unlocking each character's story. There are two types of stories: one that can be read by everyone, and one that requires either the original character NFT or its replica NFT.

  3. Look for game items hidden in the "Floating Continent" and complete the task. You can get items by clicking various places around the Floating Continent. Click suspicious places on the map to search with various information and hints, or obtain items on the secondary market.

  4. Complete all six chapters of the story, the goal is to participate in the final choice "World Mission" that determines the ending of the story.

The game has a total of six chapters, and the goal is to participate in the final choice "World Mission" that determines the ending of the story, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 6. The duration of each chapter is 2 months with an interval of 1-1.5 months set between each chapter. Level up by collecting membership level experience. Each chapter will reset the membership level, and according to the player's ranking in each chapter, they will receive NFT or Allow List rewards for the next chapter. New NFT sales will take place in the time interval leading up to the new chapter. We may also change the way NFTs are sold or the price of NFTs.


The SYMBIOGENESIS NFT combines 10,000 collectible pieces of art with actual in-game use. The Ethereum chain is used for the Character Origin NFT and the Polygon chain is used for the rest of the NFTs. The official Discord channel emphasizes that there are no plans to issue any tokens in Symbiogenesis. Beware of counterfeit tokens. The 10,000 NFT characters have unique designs, come in a variety of races and professions, and include a bust that can be used as an avatar. Completing Chapter Great Missions will reward you with the chapter's Dragon NFT (NFT Dragon art) while owning a character NFT related to the same chapter.

In addition, SYMBIOGENESIS has a Membership Card NFT, you can earn in-game points once a day by logging in to the game. There are many types of membership card NFT, and the points that different types of users can get are also different.

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