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Sports Brands Join Web3 - Super PUMA 

Super PUMA "The NFT project is a new NFT project launched by the sports brand PUMA to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The protagonist of this project is PUMA's classic cartoon mascot "Super PUMA", which originally first appeared in a comic book in the 1970s.

In this NFT project, "Super PUMA" is redesigned and transformed into a unique digital art form for social media avatars, and it will also highlight PUMA's role in sports through a new original storyline. historical moment in the field.

A total of 10,000 Super PUMA PFP NFTs will be issued. Among them, for users who hold Nitro Collection NFT, they will have the opportunity to obtain this NFT first, and they will get a corresponding number of Super PUMA PFP NFT according to the number of Nitro NFT they hold. In addition, 4,000 Super PUMA PFP NFTs will be sold to the public, and the remaining 2,000 will be reserved as a cooperative project between PUMA and 10KTF.

It is worth noting that this Super PUMA NFT project is not the only NFT project of PUMA, they also have an ongoing NFT project called Nitro Collection, this project is mainly used to release PUMA's new and innovative shoes design.

According to data from OpenSea , the NFT price of Super PUMA is At around $90.61, the total market capitalization reached $906,149 with 3,380 unique holders.

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