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Snowflake is a data cloud and A.I. combined company

Snowflake Inc. is a cloud computing-based data cloud company headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, USA. The company provides a cloud storage and analysis service called "data as a service". Founded in 2012, the company went public in October 2014 and was ranked #1 on the Forbes Cloud 100 in 2019. In September 2020, the company had a successful initial public offering, raising $3.4 billion.

On July 3, 2023, Snowflake Inc. (NYSE: SNOW ) was trading at $175.98, trading in a range of $174.83 to $177.89 for the day, compared to a range of $119.27 to $205.66 for the past 52 weeks, according to a Morningstar report . While Snowflake doesn't currently offer a forward-looking dividend yield, the company has a market cap of $57.42 billion and is focused on high-growth sectors.

Snowflake is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve and optimize the ability of data management and analysis. We are working with NVIDIA to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) even further. Their collaboration aims to democratize AI by enabling businesses to create custom generative AI models on the Snowflake platform. Additionally, Snowflake has entered into a partnership with Nvidia that will allow customers to use Nvidia's NeMo framework in Snowflake's data cloud to optimize neural networks to create custom generative AI models。

To expand its capabilities, Snowflake has released some AI-based products such as Snowflake Native App Network, Document AI LLM, and Snowpark Container Services. These products not only enable developers to build applications using Snowflake data, but also extract value from unstructured documents and provide infrastructure options through accelerated computing and AI software.

Snowflake's Snowpark framework and Java user-defined functions (UDFs) offer data science partners the possibility to leverage Snowflake's performance engine to accelerate feature engineering. Additionally, Snowflake's integration with Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler enables shared customers to connect to and query Snowflake data, accelerate data preparation, and enable over 300 built-in transformations. Java UDFs also allow model inference in Snowflake, removing the complexity of data movement.

In addition, Snowflake has further strengthened its capabilities in AI and deep learning through the acquisition of companies such as Neeva, Streamlit and Applica, enabling it to better discover data and maximize value. Through these acquisitions, Snowflake will further advance the development of AI, including improving search technology, providing richer search functions, and supporting application developers to create richer conversational experiences.

Snowflake's 2023 Data Trends Report highlights the importance of AI in organizations and identifies four key trends: widespread data connectivity, bringing jobs to the data, the importance of governance, and the adoption of automation. Snowflake is leveraging AI to improve its products and services, and has seen positive results including a partnership with NVIDIA and the development of new AI products.

In recent days, Snowflake has fluctuated at $177, and it seems that it is consolidating at this position. If it breaks through, the next target is $199. Note, however, that the company's fair value estimate has been lowered due to a challenging first quarter and slower spending growth from existing customers, according to analyst observations, but also underscores the company's sticky customer base and differentiation from technical capabilities of other companies. In general, Snowflake is actively using AI technology to optimize its data management and analysis capabilities, as well as provide richer and smarter services and products.


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