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🔥🎮Sandbox VR and Netflix work together to bring fans the "Squid Game" virtual reality experience

Sandbox VR teams up with Netflix
Sandbox VR teams up with Netflix

Sandbox VR, which provides location-based virtual reality experiences, announced its partnership with Netflix to create a fully immersive "Squid Game" virtual reality (VR) experience. This exciting cooperative program will allow fans and their friends to participate in deadly games and experience the intense pressure of life and death.

The Sandbox VR "Squid Game" VR experience, expected to be launched at the end of 2023, will bring players into various scenes inspired by the show, allowing them to become participants and face a series of exciting challenges. The goal is to be the last survivor. After each game, Sandbox VR plans to deliver a personalized highlight reel that captures player reactions and the unique "Squid Game" story.

Sandbox VR
Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR
Sandbox VR

The move follows the huge success of "Squidward" when it premiered on Netflix and became the most-watched show on the platform. Last summer, the show was transformed into an immersive gaming experience called the "Immersive Game Box" that attracted players from around the world. Netflix was also given the go-ahead to produce a second season of Squidward and a reality show called Squidward: The Challenge, which was produced by a UK-based production company but was criticized for inhumane treatment of participants. and attracted negative attention.

Sandbox VR was founded in 2016 and has expanded to more than 30 locations globally, with several new locations added in the last year alone. Each Sandbox VR venue covers an area of more than 5,000 square feet and provides at least four interactive platforms for customers to interact with the virtual world. Sandbox VR is characterized by its immersive nature, unlike traditional video games where players view the game world through a screen. In contrast, Sandbox VR fully immerses players in the virtual environment, providing a more realistic experience through high-quality visuals, realistic sound effects and tactile feedback. The company is also known for its social elements, allowing players to interact in real time, further enhancing the immersive and interactive nature of the experience. Some Sandbox VR games enable cooperative goal completion or virtual challenges.

Sandbox VR founder and CEO Steve Zhao said in a press release: “Our mission is to bring people together through world-class immersive experiences, and there’s no better place to do that than with Squidward. Is it? This is a great opportunity to partner with Netflix and give fans the opportunity to step into the world of the show." Sandbox VR uses motion tracking technology to capture the player's full body movements, combined with a tactile feedback system.

While this upcoming game is full of excitement, it's important to note that Sandbox VR has emphasized that it will provide an experience that cannot be replicated in home VR or VR platforms in other locations. The company cited the success of past projects such as "Star Trek: Discovery," "Death Cabin: The Curse of David Jones," "Amber Skies 2088" and "UFL Liberation League" to highlight their role in the industry. professional knowledge and innovation capabilities. Investors in Sandbox VR include Andreessen Horowitz, Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund, Gobi Partners and individual investors.

The partnership between Sandbox VR and Netflix opens up new possibilities for merging popular entertainment content with cutting-edge virtual reality technology. For "Squid Game" fans eager to experience the test of life and death, this cooperation provides an unprecedented opportunity to become part of the show's world and immerse themselves in an exciting survival experience.

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