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Robot evolution program, three stages of evolution into a perfect mech (12/06/2023)

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Yuga Labs' HV-MTL project is the next step for the company in the NFT world. The project started with a process called "summoning", where users with a Sewer Pass burn their tokens in exchange for an item called "Power Source", which is required to advance to the next stage and reveal a set of Brand new NFT.

This brand new collection of NFTs is called HV-MTL, and it consists of 30,000 unique NFT machines from another world, each with their own skills, personalities, and roles. With at least eight different HV types in the HV-MTL collection, players can customize their own and unlock special abilities. The rarity of each HV-MTL is determined through a complex method, and there are 1050 features in the entire collection.

The composition of 30,000 NFT includes 1 legend, 248 Holo, 998 Reaver, 2999 Celestial, 4999 Knight, 5999 Bio, 6999 Dynamic and 7749 Glitch. Additionally, a workshop called HV-MTL Forge is provided where users can build and customize their HVs.

Across the project, a short film titled "The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey" leads the way for BAYC's story, while introducing a game tied to Yuga's upcoming story-based coinage mechanic. HV-MTL may also have more new features and possible NFT experience or NFT game integration.

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