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📢 OpenAI may go bankrupt next year? 🤔 🌐 The future trend of AI is clearer?🔮.

According to Indian news media Analytics India Magazine alsoReport, OpenAI developed ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based language model. — Seems to be stepping into a financial turmoil. The incisive analysis and information listed below are summarized as follows:

After ChatGPT’s boom subsided, its user numbers plummeted, its staggering daily operating expenses reached a staggering 5.5 million, and its cumulative loss in May exceeded $540 million. Rising competition amid a boom in AI has created a swirling economic pressure for OpenAI that could tip the institution to the brink of bankruptcy by 2024.

Microsoft's injection of funds into OpenAI was seen as a life-saving straw, but today's financial crisis is still like a sword hanging over the head. We need to dig deeper into Microsoft's funding flow and OpenAI's overall performance. Another set of data mentions that ChatGPT's network query rate has decreased by 12%. In the vast AI market, giants such as Nvidia, Dell, and Super Micro have also tried to invest, but the revenue model has yet to be clarified. Meta announced its alliance with Microsoft in July to launch Llama 2, the commercial version of the first open source AI model Llama, which is free for research and commercial use, and has become a company outside of OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Bard robots A powerful free alternative to . In addition to the competition from Google and Meta, the well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk also established an AI startup "xAI", which puts OpenAI under more competitive pressure.

Famous international securities analyst Guo Minghao thinks there is no need to worry about OpenAI going bankrupt. AI/AIGC is the future trend, but industry changes will bring winners and losers. If AI/AIGC cannot sustain profitability, investment may slow down.

Overall, OpenAI and its ChatGPT technology are prominent in the AI world, however, the current financial oppression environment is worrying. Microsoft's help has indeed injected a little vitality into it, but the road ahead is still starry. It is necessary to pay attention to Microsoft’s capital expenditure on AI/AIGC and related business profitability in the next two quarters.

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