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🚨MEXC was named as a suspicious virtual asset trading platform by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission! 🔍Are your assets safe?

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong police recently issued a warning against MEXC, which claims to be a virtual asset trading platform and has attracted attention due to suspected fraudulent activities. Authorities are alerting the public to the entity's alleged scams, which include offering free investment advice as bait to lure victims into participating. This warning highlights the continued vigilance of regulatory and law enforcement agencies to monitor and investigate virtual asset trading platforms to protect the public interest from fraud. MEXC and its website have been added to the SFC's warning list, and measures have been taken to restrict access to the MEXC website. The cooperation between the SFC and the police aims to combat potential fraud related to virtual assets and protect investors from deceptive means.

The SFC found that MEXC lured people into social media chat groups by providing free investment advice and then directed them to the MEXC website to purchase cryptocurrencies. Victims were asked to deposit funds into specific bank accounts but found it difficult to withdraw funds. Today, February 9, 2024, the China Securities Regulatory Commission placed MEXC on the warning list of virtual asset trading platforms and has taken measures to block its website. The public should be careful that MEXC may establish a similar website and continue to operate it.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission reminds the public to be wary of "unbelievable" investment opportunities on social media and messaging software, and be aware that fraudulent platforms may use names similar to those of legitimate institutions, and they should remain vigilant when investing.

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