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Louis Vuitton NFT virtual materialization

Louis Vuitton recently launched a project called VIA Treasure Trunk, which is a virtual representation of its iconic suitcase in the digital world. The project uses blockchain technology to allow this digital version of the suitcase to offer the same sense of exclusive ownership as its physical counterpart. The development is part of the "digitization of physical" trend, which pairs physical items with unique digital copies on the blockchain.

VIA Treasure Trunk is a bonded token that allows owners to access VIA, Louis Vuitton's digital collection portal, to unlock exclusive designs and acquire their physical counterparts. The suitcase will be purchased for 39,000 euros in limited quantities and can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

The purchased VIA Treasure Trunk cannot be transferred or sold, ensuring its exclusivity, but future digital collections acquired through VIA can be sold on the NFT market.

The launch of the VIA Treasure Trunk demonstrates that Louis Vuitton is merging the digital and physical worlds and highlights the growing Web3 trend across industries including luxury fashion.

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