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Japanese Metaverse news integrating A.I. and Web3

Cluster is a virtual reality-focused social platform developed by a Japanese company of the same name. In Cluster's metaverse, users can create their own 3D avatars, interact with other users, and attend events such as concerts, conferences, and art exhibitions. Users can arrange their favorite items in their own virtual space, or visit other users' spaces. The goal of Cluster is to create an environment where people can explore and interact freely, no matter where they are in the world. The cluster also hosts corporate events, and the cumulative mobilization will exceed 20 million in January 2023. Recently, a total of JPY 5.2 billion was raised in the Series D financing and the closing of the second round. This financing will be used for overseas expansion, the establishment of subsidiaries to develop enterprise customers and creators to use "cluster", and enter the field of education and other fields.

Toppan presents VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN™, a metaverse event showcasing Japanese culture and charm from July 21 to September 18, 2023. This metaverse space showcases scenery, virtual reality content, festivals and live music. Businesses and governments can use it to promote events globally, creating a Cool Japan Economic Zone through an immersive Metaverse experience.

A three-day exhibition in Tokyo showcased metaverse and artificial intelligence services from Japanese, Israeli and Chinese companies. An NTT subsidiary showed off a metaverse cafe where visitors could interact with avatars representing store staff, with AI analyzing their emotions to recommend products. Osaka-based startup Utsubo showed off a Metaverse office space for telecommuting that enables users to communicate with colleagues using 3D avatars, creating a sense of being in the same space for better collaboration.

Metaverse Japan Summit 2023 was held at Shibuya Stream Hall on July 13 with 46 speakers including former Minister of Digitalization Hirai Takuya. Topics discussed include the Metaverse, AI, media consolidation, and the Web3 era. Details and online ticketing for the event can be found on its official website.

Investors have invested $707 million in metaverse projects by 2023, accounting for 44% of web3 investments in 2023. However, Metaverse tokens SAND and MANA rallied after the AR/VR headset launch due to the SEC designation, but fell after the SEC designation. The digital land market started strong in the second quarter of this year, but due to speculation in meme coins and DeFi, the market collapsed in the second quarter.

Futureverse, a unique startup formed from the merger of 11 companies from various industries, has raised $54 million in funding. The company includes startups from the blockchain, AI, metaverse, and gaming industries.

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