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Japan Metaverse News

First, Pokemon Go creator Niantic had problems with the Metaverse. They have released a new augmented reality game called Peridot which attempts to bring The real world is combined with virtual pets to create what is called a "real world metaverse". However, despite the game's visually appealing visuals, the game has suffered from underwhelming downloads and app store reviews since its May 9 release, with some users even complaining that its augmented reality experience is inconsistent and drains phones quickly Battery. In addition, the game's monetization strategy has also been criticized.

In addition, EY Japanese firm completed a project to create a Metaverse counterpart to the Toki Shrine in central Fukuoka. This digital shrine replicates the real-world shrine and surrounding area, and offers a variety of typical shrine activities such as worship, strolling, and more. Plus, this digital shrine offers some fun activities that can only be enjoyed in the Metaverse. EY Japan defined system requirements for this project and created this digital shrine using a design thinking approach.

In general, the development of Metaverse in Japan is full of opportunities and challenges. Although some attempts have not achieved the expected results commercially, there are also new attempts and innovations emerging, showing that the potential of this field is still huge.

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