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🍏👓 Is the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro worth your investment? Before you start, take a look at this lazy guide to learn everything about Apple Vision Pro in one article!

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Because the Apple Vision Pro is a new VR headset that is expensive, there are several factors to consider to evaluate whether it is worth the investment. Here are a few key points.

First, you need to consider the price of Apple Vision Pro. It is priced at US$3899 (approximately $27,367 Hong Kong dollars / $109,837 NT), which is a very high price. Secondly, you need to consider the functionality and performance of Apple Vision Pro. It has a high-resolution microOLED screen, multiple lenses and sensors, and a high-quality audio experience. These features make it a high-end VR headset that provides excellent visual and auditory effects. If you are a VR enthusiast or have requirements for a high-quality VR experience, the Apple Vision Pro may be a good value. Then again, there are other factors to consider with the Apple Vision Pro, such as the included accessories and peripheral features. Accessories include optical plug-ins, travel storage bags, etc., which can provide a more convenient use experience. In addition, Apple Vision Pro also has features such as personalization and wearing comfort, which also need to be taken into consideration.

Accessories are required for the Vision Pro VR headset. These include:

  1. Zeiss Lenses: These are vision correction lenses that, if you wear glasses, can be magnetically attached to your helmet to maintain clear vision while wearing the helmet. These lenses are available in Vision Pro packaging.

  2. Storage bag: The Vision Pro’s storage bag is an optional accessory that provides convenient portability and protects the helmet from damage during daily use. The storage bag is priced at $199.

  3. In addition, there are other accessories such as lens cleaning cloths and charging cables.

The storage bag is priced at $199
The storage bag is priced at $199

How much does the Vision Pro weigh? How does the weight compare to other VR headsets?

The Vision Pro VR headset is heavier than other VR headsets. During the 30 minutes of trying it on, the user felt that the actual weight of Vision Pro was as high as 600-650 grams, not including the weight of the battery. According to the mentioned documentation, the Vision Pro also has an external battery that weighs 353 grams, making the combined total weight about 1 kilogram. It's heavy compared to other VR headsets, only slightly lighter than the Quest Pro but heavier than the Quest 3. To sum up, the Vision Pro is heavier compared to other VR headsets.

There are several reasons why the Vision Pro VR headset weighs more than other VR headsets. First of all, Vision Pro is a high-end VR helmet launched by Apple. It uses many advanced technologies and functions, including augmented reality, spatial computing and innovative sensors. These technologies and features require more hardware components and materials, increasing the overall weight of the helmet.

Secondly, Vision Pro uses high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy and glass, which are relatively heavy and provide better structure and durability for the helmet. At the same time, these materials also provide higher texture and use experience.

Apple Vision Pro Materials: Aluminum and Glass
Apple Vision Pro Materials: Aluminum and Glass

passthrough using the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality (VR) headsetpassthroughWhat are the restrictions on the functions?

The pass-through function is an important feature of the Apple Vision Pro headset, which allows users to observe the real-world environment while wearing the headset. However, there are some limitations to passing functionality, including:

  1. Object blur: If an object is very close to the user, it may appear blurry and cannot be clearly identified.

  2. Difficulty in recognizing small text: Users may not be able to clearly recognize very small or detailed text, such as when reading emails or tiny text on a handheld mobile phone.

  3. Unable to observe the surrounding environment: When users are fully immersed in the VR environment, the headset will block their vision and cannot observe the surrounding environment in the real world.

In summary, the passthrough function of the Apple Vision Pro headset VR headset has limitations in terms of blur, small font recognition, and the inability to observe the surrounding environment.

What are the unique features and buttons of Vision Pro?

  1. Integrated sensors: The Vision Pro helmet is equipped with innovative technologies such as eye tracking and infrared sensors, which can interact with the virtual reality environment in a more precise and intuitive way and provide a more realistic visual experience.

  2. Spatial audio: The Vision Pro helmet is equipped with spatial audio technology, allowing users to obtain a more immersive audio experience and experience the direction and distance of sound immersively.

  3. Passthrough function: The Vision Pro helmet can capture the external environment through an external camera and transmit it to the helmet's display, allowing users to seamlessly switch between virtual reality and the real world.

  4. Digital Crown: There is a button called "Digital Crown" on the Vision Pro helmet, similar to the control buttons on AirPods Max, for adjusting immersion and other settings.

  5. Photo button: There is also a photo button on the Vision Pro helmet, which can be used to take photos and videos of the space.

For jobs that require common surroundings, pass the function Still suitable for use?

Apple Vision Pro's passthrough feature is so good that it almost makes users feel like they are looking directly at the real world rather than through a head-mounted display. The image quality, refresh rate, and dynamic range of the camera are all very impressive. This allows users to interact with things around them, such as grabbing objects parked in the air to obtain more information. In addition, its passthrough function is almost real-time, allowing users to fully interact with their surroundings.

So for those jobs that require common surroundings, Apple Vision Pro's capabilities are still suitable. Users can obtain the required surrounding environment information from the passthrough screen of the head-mounted display and interact when needed.

What are some noteworthy apps currently missing from the Apple Vision Pro headset?

The important apps currently missing on the Apple Vision Pro head-mounted display are the Netflix app, YouTube app, and Spotify app. This is due to tensions between Apple and some developers, leading some developers to choose not to develop Vision Pro apps. But at least for now, the browser can be used and any content in the browser is supported.

The tense relationship between Apple and developers is due to some developers deciding that the Vision Pro platform is not important enough to provide them with enough value to develop accordingly, and therefore opt out. This tension has resulted in the lack of Netflix apps, YouTube apps, and Spotify apps on the Vision Pro headset. primary);">9]. Although Vision Pro has innovative technology and features, these developers may feel that the platform is not large enough to bring them enough users or profits. Therefore, they chose not to do corresponding application development work on Vision Pro. This also explains why some other well-known apps aren't available on Vision Pro either.

If I I need to watch Netflix content offline, are there any other options available?

If you need to watch Netflix content offline but can't do it with your Apple Vision Pro, you may want to look for other options. According to the description in the document, there is currently no Netflix app for Apple Vision Pro, so there is no way to directly download and watch content in it offline.

How do Apple Vision Pro headphones interact with Mac computers, and what are the benefits to Mac users?

For Mac users, there are many benefits to using Apple Vision Pro to interact with your Mac computer. Apple Vision Pro mirrors your Mac's display into a 4K viewport in the glasses. This means you can make your Mac's screen bigger or smaller, adjust the distance, and control all your apps using the keyboard and trackpad on the glasses. This is especially convenient for people who use their Mac computers while traveling or on public transportation. You can do all kinds of work on the plane without worrying about the passengers next to you being weird about what you are editing. This way of use makes Mac users feel very convenient and comfortable. Additionally, when you use Apple Vision Pro, it automatically imports all services and data from your Apple ID, such as iMessages, photos, notes, etc. This means you can seamlessly access and use all services and content related to your Mac and other Apple devices.

What are the benefits for Mac users?
What are the benefits for Mac users?

To summarize, the Apple Vision Pro is a high-end VR headset with excellent features and performance. The price may be a challenge, but if you are a VR enthusiast or have a need for a high-quality VR experience and are willing to pay the price, it may be worth the investment. But please note, consider your budget, personal needs, and other options before making your final decision.

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