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Have you ever seen the funny mistakes made by artificial intelligence? 🤖😂

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With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has gradually become a part of our daily life. But, like any emerging technology, AI has its idiosyncrasies and bugs. Here are some hilarious and reflective examples.

1. Alexa's unauthorized shopping spree

On one occasion, Amazon's smart assistant Alexa ordered a $170 dollhouse and cookies after misinterpreting a 6-year-old's voice commands. Yet another time, a news broadcast accidentally triggered Alexa, causing it to make an unauthorized purchase.

2. The robot is out of control

At a tech event, a kid-friendly robot named "Pumpty" malfunctions and loses control, injuring a boy. In addition, the Henn-Na Hotel in Japan was also forced to remove half of its robot staff due to a mistake made by its robotic staff.

3. Strange errors in facial recognition

A passport photo of an Asian man was rejected by facial recognition software as he was "closing his eyes". And Amazon's facial recognition tool confuses members of Congress with criminals.

4. AI's misunderstanding leads to police intervention

One time, Alexa misunderstood the command to play too loud music, causing neighbors to call the police. Similar incidents took place in Germany.

5. Tay's mysterious incident

Tay, a Twitter chatbot launched by Microsoft, originally hoped to interact with young people. However, due to the malicious influence of netizens, its response has gradually become extreme.

6. Beauty bias in AI

In an online beauty competition, the AI algorithm used by the organizer showed obvious bias in the selection process, tending to select contestants with lighter skin.

7. The unique artistic expression of AI

Although AI has entered the field of art, its artistic expression still needs to be strengthened. Some so-called AI artwork looks more like low-level comedy.

8. Google's monster image enhancement

Google Brain created some unsettling monsters when it tried to enhance low-resolution images.

9. Inaccurate predictions for the World Cup

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, some AI prediction models boldly predicted the outcome of the event. But in the end, the surprise exits of powerhouses like Spain and Germany proved those predictions to be unreliable.


Although artificial intelligence has brought a lot of convenience and innovation, it is not without shortcomings and mistakes. These interesting examples not only let us see the "sense of humor" of AI, but also let us realize that more caution and supervision are needed in research and development in this field.


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