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Futureverse: Multi-technology integration and innovation, shaping a new chapter of AI, virtual world

Futureverse, a platform covering artificial intelligence, virtual world, blockchain, etc. Diverse concept of digital innovation. The following is a detailed description based on available information:

1. Innovative AI and virtual world technology platform

Futureverse is a technology platform focusing on AI and virtual world. The platform provides tools and frameworks for developers to create interoperable applications and games.

  • Main Components: FuturePass Smart Wallet SDK for secure user onboarding, data storage, and asset management; AI gaming platform for casual AI strategy sports games; asset registration and replaceable pipelines and Payment SDK for asset compatibility and diversified payment experience; and market API for buying and selling assets.

  • Decentralized ASM AI Protocol: Enables ownership, training and trading of unique AI through a digital "brain".

  • Games and Partnerships: Launches of games such as "AI League" and "Muhammad Ali - The Next Generation Legend" as well as scalable virtual world toolkits and virtual worlds with The Root Network Collaboration of the ecosystem FLUF World.

Second, open the advanced blockchain network of the virtual world

Futureverse emphasizes user control over the digital experience, unifying disparate Internet sectors through an open source approach.

  • Integrated identity system: Including identity system, AI, communication, payment methods and content assets, using Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to achieve smart contract compatibility.

  • Partnerships: Collaborations with the web3 project and partners such as FIFA and Warner Music mark an important intersection between blockchain technology and the virtual world.

3. Virtual world platform financing

Futureverse recently raised $54 million in Series A funding to expand its AI-powered content creation tools and open virtual world platform. The expansion will involve Future Universe Platform and The Root Network.

  • Partner Support: Support for financing and exploring the potential of the virtual world, such as 10T, Ripple, Bank of America, and J. Crew.

Fourth, realize the virtual world controlled by users through cooperation

Futureverse is a collaboration of eight independent companies creating user-friendly virtual worlds.

  • User Control Focus: Prioritize user-controlled identity, data and content, focusing on integrating social media, gaming, commerce and finance.

  • Funding & Apps: Has raised over $100 million in funding and has over 500,000 app users.

V. Venture Capital Fund Initiative

The Futureverse co-founders also launched a $50 million venture capital fund called Born Ready, focused on early-stage investments in Web3 and virtual world technologies. This fund reflects Future Universe's continued commitment to innovation and investment in the digital and virtual world space.


Futureverse represents a convergence of cutting-edge technologies, platforms and initiatives aimed at reshaping the digital landscape, especially in the fields of AI, virtual worlds and blockchain. Its diverse approach, involving collaboration, innovation, user control and community engagement, marks a major evolution in the universe of games and digital experiences.

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