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Explore HeyGen Beta’s intelligent character generation and direct translation of videos in multiple languages

HeyGen Teaching

HeyGen supports uploading photos, adding lecture content, and using preset sound files to create what looks like Real life video effects. It supports multiple languages, including the rare Cantonese, and offers a variety of voice options. The basic functions of HeyGen can meet most A.I. animation needs, but it only supports avatars.

HeyGen has a hidden beta feature that allows users to directly translate videos into different languages. HeyGen Beta currently has a limit on video length (up to five minutes). In addition, there may be problems when translating Chinese and English voices or Mandarin. When using HeyGen Beta, you need to pay attention to the difference in video length and language translation time. If you use multiple languages, you need to reserve time for English translation. But it works pretty well for converting Mandarin to English.

This website also compared other websites such as Narakeet and D-DI, which provide text conversion Sound and the ability to convert avatars into animations. Although the HeyGen Beta version is still in beta, it offers strong potential for one-stop language translation and video production. Summary: HeyGen is a powerful AI video creation tool that provides intelligent character generation and multi-language translation capabilities, although there are still some limitations and challenges.

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