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📢 Explore a brand new metaverse world. Let's take a trip to ACG Worlds together! 💼🎨

About the article video:

ACG Worlds is a platform for innovative technology fields such as metaverse, NFT (non-fungible tokens) that integrate animation, comics, and game backgrounds.

ACGXfinity and ACG WorldsX series── ACG Worlds launched ACG Xfinity, the first product of ACG Worlds X series, a diversified platform dedicated to cross-chain transactions and exploration . Future directions for the ACG Worlds X-Series include the introduction of a staking process, a loyalty point system, a pass system, and creator support programs. Individuals holding ACG are said to have priority access to these products.

ACG Worlds' Metaverse - a grandiose attempt to create a 2D metaverse theme park. This virtual universe is not only a reproduction of digital space, but also a symbol of animation, games and artificial intelligence themes, and a combination of pop culture and cutting-edge technology. They have entered into partnerships with Japan's top IP to incorporate NFT into their ecosystem. IncludingOfficially authorized Osamu Tezuka's classic characters "Astro Boy", "Three-eyed Boy", "Black Jack", "Flamingo" , "Jungle King", "Knight of the Ribbon" and "Dororo" are designed for the main characters in the 7 classic works, and each main character will be cast into a unique NFT avatar.

ACGWorlds is committed to building an IP-driven metaverse theme park ecosystem centered on content and entertainment experience, where everyone can participate and create a Disney of the Web 3.0 world. Diversity and Inclusion──ACG Worlds seems to be a promoter of diversity and inclusion. All in all, ACG Worlds is a breakthrough project that combines animation, manga and games Cultural phenomena merge with technological advances in NFT and metaverse platforms. They appear to be committed to fostering an inclusive community and are embarking on initiatives to bridge the physical and digital realms.

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