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Cryptocurrency Trading and Market Intelligence Platform Powered by A.I. - May Be Just a scam project

The world is talking about A.I. or ChatGPT these days, and yPredict, an A.I.-powered cryptocurrency trading and market intelligence platform, whose native token $YPRED is the economic foundation of the platform. yPredict's A.I. system provides functions such as signals, pattern recognition and sentiment analysis, all of which are creating a decentralized market for A.I. trading models.

Its $YPRED token is issued using the Polygon blockchain and powers the operation of the platform. Users need to pay $YPRED as a subscription fee to access premium features, 10% of which will be distributed to existing token holders. Token holders can also earn monthly rewards by staking their tokens.

yPredict plans to launch its full analytics, knowledge base and marketplace platform by the end of 2023. It has managed to raise nearly $2 million in funding during its pre-sale phase and is seen as one of the biggest pre-sale opportunities in 2023.

Additionally, yPredict provides earlier access to promising projects with lower prices as part of the NFT pre-sale. This project is considered unique and has great potential in the market of A.I. driven trading tools. In anticipation that the price of $YPRED will rise from $0.09 to $0.12, investors are encouraged to purchase $YPRED tokens while the discount is still in effect.

It is a pity that the project has been criticized on Twitter, and no physical tools have been seen by investors.

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