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Cool Cats Partners with Reddit for "Retro Reimagined" Series of Digital Collectibles

Cool Cats has once again pushed the boundaries of digital art with its collaboration with Reddit's digital collectible NFTs, this time focusing on digital collectible heads dubbed the "Retro Reimagined" series . The following is the detailed information of this cooperation and collection:

Series description: Part of Reddit's fourth collection of avatars

The "Retro Reimagined" series is part of the fourth generation of Reddit's collection of avatars. It includes 100 unique designs by renowned artists Micah Johnson and Chris Torres, including Nyan Cat. Collection includes avatars of Cool Cats such as Blue Cat, Chugs, Shadow Wolf and C4T Monitor.

Cool Cats Road to Success

Cool Cats is a successful NFT collectible,creators come from different art and technology backgrounds, and together they create a creative and innovative digital art world. Every cat in this world has its own unique character and appearance, making it a real collectible. Since its debut, it has made major achievements in the NFT market, and its NFT sales have reached 388 million US dollars.

Release date: Special collaboration on July 26, 2023

The launch date of this collaboration is set for July 26, 2023.

Sales details: Diversified collection options

The collection consists of 3,022 tokens, with sales of 290 in the last 7 days for a total of $9.19k. Prices range from $2.49 to $199.99 each, and the avatars have a base price of 0.01 ETH. Cool Cats x Reddit Collectible Avatar NFT is available for purchase on multiple marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and more. When choosing a marketplace, factors such as security, ease of use, and cost should be considered.

Special Account Handling: Exclusive Ownership on Reddit

Favorites provide special account handling for owners on Reddit.

Blockchain technology: a new series of Polygon blockchain

Reddit has minted new collections on the Polygon blockchain, designed to enhance its collectibles store and allow direct access through the avatar editing section.

Anti-bot measures: Safeguarding fair trade

To prevent mass flipping, Reddit has limited the number of pieces collectors can acquire, capped first-day purchases at $3,000, and introduced anti-bot measures like CAPTCHAs.

The success of Reddit Favorite Avatars: The promise of an enhanced user experience

Reddit's collectible avatar has sold more than 18 million units, with an estimated valuation of $60.88 million. The Gen-4 Avatar series reflects Reddit's commitment to using NFTs to enhance the user experience and foster a growing community of artists and users.

Through this partnership, Reddit and Cool Cats are not only demonstrating the innovative potential of digital collectibles, but also providing a new platform for digital art lovers and collectors. Whether you are a novice or a veteran of NFT, As NFT technology continues to mature, the value and influence of Cool Cats x Reddit collectible avatars may continue to grow. For collectors and community participants, this is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.


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