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🚀🎉Bitcoin NFT and the inscription of the Metaverse, BRC-420 Inscription will take you into the innovative Metaverse project

BRC-100 is a protocol of the blockchain, related to the Bitcoin network. It is used to connect different blockchain technologies, including Bitcoin, Metaprotocol, and other blockchains. This protocol aims to enhance the functionality of the Bitcoin blockchain, especially in decentralized applications. It leverages Bitcoin's security features while providing multiple computing capabilities. BRC-100 plays an important role in decentralized applications, especially in Ordinals and Bitcoin Layer 1 applications. In addition, BRC-100 is also related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and BRC-100 NFTs already exist and are actively traded. The protocol is open and contributes to the Bitcoin ecosystem by expanding application scope and scalability.

BRC-20 and BRC-100 are both protocols related to the Bitcoin blockchain, but they have different purposes and functions:

BRC-20: This is a token standard similar to Ethereum ERC-20. It defines a set of rules and guidelines for creating tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. BRC-20 tokens facilitate the creation of custom tokens with their own unique features while leveraging the security and infrastructure of the Bitcoin network. These tokens are crucial to advancing the Bitcoin blockchain as they provide a way to create and manage assets outside of native BT.

BRC-100: This protocol serves as a vertical expansion framework for BRC-20. It is designed to enhance the scalability and efficiency of the BRC-20 token. BRC-100 provides a mechanism for bridging assets between different protocols, including Bitcoin, BRC-20, and other protocols. It focuses on optimizing the transfer and management of tokenized assets within these ecosystems, improving interoperability and performance across different blockchain networks.

In summary, although BRC-20 is the standard for creating custom tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain, BRC- 100 is an extended framework that enhances the functionality of the BRC-20 token and facilitates asset bridging between various blockchain protocols.

BRC- of the Metaverse 420

BRC-420 is the first Metaverse protocol for running inscribed assets across engines, games and chains. These formats will be completely open source, allowing anyone to create their own "Metaverse Inscriptions." It also provides inscription "royalties" and usage rights functions, allowing creators to obtain royalties from use or recursion. "Usage rights" is understood as the permission for other users to use your music, models, scripts, gameplay, etc. in Ordinal Space. It can also be interpreted as buying a privilege, such as joining your organization or club.

Also,Support 2D, 3D and other inscription formats and ensure that more game platforms and game engines can support them.

BRC-420 basic asset inscription is engraved with three parts:

  1. Basic resource attribute block (baseData): stores and sets the basic attributes of assets, such as image engraving addresses and basic attributes.

  2. Preview display block (previewData): has two sub-sections that define how the asset is displayed, including frame size and specific settings. Assets are previewable in different components of the Ordinals ecosystem.

  3. Application data (appData): stores application-specific attributes, with custom attributes and external attribute reference functions.

BRC-420 format
BRC-420 format

These blocks create a comprehensive and flexible framework for asset management in the Web3 metaverse that can be standardized and adapted to needs. Inscriptions are designed for web page display and data storage, taking into account both readability and variability. Given that XML has the unique characteristics of supporting custom data and extensible nesting, the XML format was ultimately chosen for inlaying on the blockchain.

The following are examples:




src = "/content/4acc4304ab4b62855ad8540c4effd6f70410ce3gg50e7886109ad985dc2ba2642"



description="This is a cute dog with animation, you can use it anywhere"



<someattribute attribute1="a1" attribute2="a2" />< /span>

<someattribute attribute1="a1" attribute2="a2" />< /span>

<otherattribute attributei="i1" attributej="j1" />< /span>






<multipleattribute attributeyouwant="" />




















Using the Metaverse standard BRC-4​​20, it is possible to define properties for all types of inscriptions (images, models and animations). For example. Furniture or cars in the bitmap explorer can have the appropriate size/function etc., allowing for a full Metaverse experience. For example, furniture or cars in Bitmap Explorer can have appropriate dimensions/functions, etc., enabling a complete Metaverse experience. Whether it's burning, engine rendering, or game running, the BRC-420 supports it in 2D, 3D and even VisionPro. It already has Bitmap Explorer built-in. Supports Unity and UE5, and cooperates with the Web3 game platform to build a cross-chain and cross-device metaverse.

Where BRC-420 is minted and traded

For those interested in exploring the world of BRC-420 tokens, the Marketplace is an important platform for making and trading these tokens. As demand for BRC-420 grew, this market became a major hub for enthusiasts to acquire and trade these coins. It is worth noting that Ordinals WalletSupports BRC-420. As the ecosystem develops, improving wallets and related infrastructure is likely to increase the overall usability of the BRC-420 token.


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