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🐱Bitcoin Cats brings an unprecedented Play2Earn and DeFi experience! 🔥 Experience the infinite possibilities of augmented reality and virtual reality by using BRC20 tokens and Ordinals NFTs. 🌌🎮

Bitcoin Cats
Bitcoin Cats

Bitcoin Cats, known by its token symbol 1CAT, is an important player at the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency, especially within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Launched in late 2023, the platform has gained attention for its innovative approach to GameFi, a combination of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Bitcoin Cats launches a series called "Genesis NFTs" of unique pixelated cat art that were issued on Bitcoin's Ordinals system, totaling 10,000 unique pieces. . The core of Bitcoin Cats It serves as a bridge between the Bitcoin network and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network. This integration aims to create a unique gaming experience that leverages the strengths of both blockchain ecosystems. By adding Bitcoin assets such as BRC20 tokens and Ordinals NFTs, Bitcoin Cats brings a new dimension to gaming in the crypto world.

Bitcoin Cats Website:
Bitcoin Cats Website:

Bitcoin Cats’ $1CAT coin was listed on BitMart, an important cryptocurrency exchange, on December 21, 2023, providing the 1CAT/USDT trading pair. This listing demonstrates the potential of the project and the growing interest in the GameFi project. Bitcoin Cats is a 3D game based on a web browser. Users can earn $1cat tokens by participating in the game. and conduct currency​​ transactions. The platform utilizes BRC20 tokens and Ordinals NFTs to implement Play2Earn (player earned) and DeFi (decentralized finance) functions.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cat is integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into its platform, expanding its range of gaming and entertainment experiences. Key aspects of this integration include:

  1. Character availability in AR and VR: Bitcoin Cats aims to make its characters available in mainstream AR and VR applications. This move is part of a broader goal to provide user immersive experiences in various digital environments.

  2. Expand into entertainment and fashion: Bitcoin Cats' vision goes beyond gaming. It includes expansion into various fields such as entertainment, fashion, AR/VR, movies, virtual idols and collectible action figures. This diverse approach demonstrates the commitment to integrating Bitcoin Cats into a wide range of digital and virtual experiences.

  3. Immersive experiences in AR and VR apps: By making Bitcoin Cats characters available in popular AR and VR apps, the platform is focused on delivering immersive experiences. This approach may involve using 3D models and other interactive elements to enhance user engagement in these digital realms.

All in all, Bitcoin Cats is actively incorporating AR and VR technologies to provide a more engaging and diverse experience beyond traditional games and into the broader entertainment industry.

NFT sales information:

Bitcoin Cat NFT will be launched on BakerySwap and a few other platforms. Below are the sale details on BakerySwap. Bitcoin Cat can be purchased on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Some popular exchanges offering 1CAT include CoinEx,, MEXC, and Bitget. It is important to choose an exchange that operates in your country and meets your security and usability preferences.

Price: 0.3 ETH (approximately 0.016 BTC)

Launch time: January 9, 8 am UTC time

Participating tokens: $ETH, $1CAT and $BAKE

Alpha WL Wheel: Provide 4,500 NFTs to Alpha WL, with at least 1 NFT allocated to each.

Beta WL and non-WL rounds: 4,000 NFTs are available (2,000 of which belong to $1CAT and the other 2,000 belong to $BAKE). This round is open to all participants, with Beta WL receiving double allocations. Only $1CAT and $BAKE are supported.

Excessive subscriptions will be refunded and refunds will be made to participants within 24 hours after the sale ends. The Bitcoin Cat NFT will be distributed on the Bitcoin network within days.

Bitcoin Cats web page:

Bitcoin Cats YouTube Channel:

Remember, this is not investment advice and cryptocurrencies carry risks, so please do your own research and consider your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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