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[Beginner] Explain how to register and use Opensea in three steps

This time, I will introduce "OpenSea", the world's largest NFT marketplace.

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world. Many Japanese NFT creators also use OpenSea for sales.

The following well-known works are also for sale on OpenSea.

CryptoPunks, BAYC: The largest NFT art project from overseas announced in 2017

How to register with OpenSea:

① Enter the OpenSea website

② Connect with cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask

③ Enter basic information

Step #1 - Go to the OpenSea website

Go to the OpenSea website and click on the human avatar in the upper right corner

Step #2 - Connect with Cryptocurrency Wallet MetaMask

a. Click “MetaMask” on the screen below

b. Next, click "Next" and then press the "Connect" button to complete the registration.

Step #3 - Enter Basic Information

Enjoying the communication between buyers and sellers of NFT is also the real fun of NFT, so we recommend that both buyers and sellers of NFT set up profile icons and basic information.

Hereinafter, a setting method of basic information will be described.

a. First, click the gear icon.

b. MetaMask will launch, so click Sign.

Fill out the fields below.

Username: name

Bio: Occupation

Email Address: Email address Twitter integration is optional, but I think it's nice to have, especially for sales. That's because Twitter is an integral part of a PR campaign. This completes the OpenSea registration and basic information settings.

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