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🌟💡【Breakthrough Technology! 】⌨️ For the first time in the past 30 years, the keyboard has undergone major changes! 🚀 Now, AI functions are directly integrated into our daily lives, bringing unpr...

Windows keyboard gets its first major overhaul in 30 years
Windows keyboard gets its first major overhaul in 30 years

Microsoft will bring an AI computer experience. They hope to integrate AI technology into the computing environment of everyday users so that they can directly participate in and benefit from AI's capabilities. This update demonstrates this vision, and one important aspect is the introduction of the "Copilot" key, This update represents the first major change to the Windows keyboard in 30 years and highlights Microsoft's commitment to integrating AI into everyday computing.

The introduction of the Copilot key marks a major advancement in the way users interact with their personal computers, bringing AI capabilities directly into the everyday user experience. The update, which will be available on new Windows 11 PCs in Spring 2024, provides a glimpse of how this feature will be integrated into Microsoft products in the future. Additionally, Microsoft has also announced that 2024 will be the year of the AI PC, in line with their vision for AI integration. This update is also part of Microsoft's larger strategy to embrace AI, demonstrating a significant shift in their approach to technology and computing. These efforts are designed to make the computing experience simpler and more powerful and enable the continued advancement of computing.

Windows Copilot Mission
Windows Copilot Mission

In the future, computing using AI technology will bring great changes to the user experience.

Simplify and enhance computing experience: AI technology will make computing more intelligent and automated, helping users complete various tasks more easily. For example, Copilot keys in Windows will provide assistance, making it easier for users to create, search, produce, and adjust settings.

Provide a more personalized computing experience: AI technology can provide a customized computing experience based on user preferences and behavioral habits. For example, the Copilot key in Windows provides functionality based on the user's needs and context.

Improving the functions and performance of products and services: The application of AI technology will make the functions of products and services more intelligent and comprehensive. This will be achieved through continuous innovation and improvement. For example, Microsoft will establish a new system architecture in Windows to ensure that the new Windows AI experience can integrate the computing power of GPU, CPU, NPU and cloud.

Provide a smoother experience: The application of AI technology will make the computing process smoother and smoother. For example, the introduction of Copilot keys on Windows PCs will enable users to seamlessly engage in AI experiences and bring AI capabilities directly into the everyday user experience.

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